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Salapia Sas with registered office at Via Vincenzo De Nittis snc – 76016 Margherita di Savoia (BT) – Italy, Tax Code, VAT No. and Companies Register No. 07237770727 – REA: FG 275458, company that manages the Salapia Salis Resort property, as Data Controller of personal data collected through this site (the “Data Controller”), intends to provide users with some information on the use of cookies by the sites: for bookings via the search engine.

WuBook Srl is an italian company located in Fano – Via Nolfi n.56 – 61032 (PU) – Italy| Vat number: 02340220413 – SDI: I1BM926 – REA: PS-173884. (Hereinafter referred to as the Site).

For all other information required by law on the protection of personal data, please refer to the “Privacy Policy” accessible at the following link:


The Site uses cookies.

This term indicates small text files that the sites visited by the user send to the user’s terminal (usually to the browser), where they are stored before being re-transmitted to the same sites at the next visit by the same user. They are used to improve the site’s functionality, allow the user to move easily between pages, remember their preferences and guarantee the user optimal browsing at all times. Cookies can be of different types and last for different lengths of time. Specifically, they can be “persistent” and remain stored until they expire, or they can be so-called “session cookies” and therefore disappear automatically when the browser is closed. TECHNICAL COOKIES This type of cookie is necessary for the proper functioning of some areas of the site. Technical cookies can be subdivided into navigation cookies or session cookies, which ensure normal browsing and normal use of the website (e. g. to carry out a purchase or authenticate a user to access a reserved area). Without these cookies, the Site or parts of it may not work properly. Therefore, they are always used, regardless of user preferences. Due to their nature, disabling or deleting them, which you can do in general by accessing your browser’s functions, could compromise optimal browsing on this site. The user’s prior consent is not required for the use of these cookies. ANALYTICS COOKIES These Cookies have been assimilated to technical cookies by Provision of the Data Protection Authority, if they are used directly by the site manager to collect information, in aggregate and anonymous form, on the number of users and how they visit the site. Here too, users’ prior consent is not necessary. FUNCTIONAL COOKIES Functional cookies, which allow the user to browse according to a set of selected criteria (e. g. language, products selected for purchase) in order to improve the quality of service. This type of cookie has also been assimilated to technical cookies, which do not require prior consent from the user, by the Data Protection Authority.


These are used to create user profiles (analysis of behaviour and consumption habits to customise the commercial offer of services and products of possible interest to the user) in order to send advertising messages in line with preferences shown while surfing the internet. Use of these cookies, unlike the ones previously mentioned, requires the user’s prior consent, obtained by means of a banner displayed when the site is first opened. This website does not use profiling cookies THIRD-PARTY COOKIES While browsing the site, the user may also receive, on their terminal, cookies from different websites or web servers (so-called “third-party cookies”). This happens because there may be elements on the site such as, for example, images, maps, sounds, specific links to web pages of other domains (such as social networks) that reside on servers other than those used by the Data Controller. In other words, these cookies are set directly by website operators or servers other than the one the user is currently visiting. The use of third-party cookies can also normally be inhibited by the user through the appropriate option in their browser: in this regard, see the instructions above. Additional tools and information to help manage consent regarding third-party cookies can be found on the website


Information on the cookies found on the Site, including those of third parties, can be found below. Should the user decide not to consent to the use of third-party cookies, they will not be able to use the parts of this site that require these cookies. Technical (session and persistent), analytical and functional cookies Cookie name Firstparty / thirdparty.


What it is used for Domains and links to a third party’s cookie/privacy policy Duration _ga _gid _gat 3rd PART Y ANALYTICAL (STATISTICAL) These cookies are used to allow analysis of users’ Google Analytics https://develop /analytics/devg _ga: 2 years _gid: 24 hours _gat: 1 minute _gatnewTracker site access data in an anonymous and aggregate form. These cookies are related to the Google Analytics web analytics platform. uides/collection /analyticsjs/coo kie-usage https://support. alytics/answer/ 6004245?hl=it _gatnewTracker : 1 minute This Site does not use profiling cookies.


If you decide to make a booking by selecting arrival and departure dates in the special booking forms on the Data Controller’s website, you will be connected to a booking engine. This booking engine is provided by our Partner Wubook, appointed as Data Processor. Should the user decide not to consent to the use of third-party cookies, they will not be able to use the parts of this site that require these cookies. The website, uses technical (session and persistent), analytical and functional cookies, but it does not use profiling cookies, as noted in the company policy that can be accessed at the following link:


These services (icons, or “social buttons”) allow interaction with social networks or other external platforms, directly from the pages of this site. The interaction and information obtained from this Site is, in any case, subject to the user’s privacy settings relative to each social network. The Data Controller does not have access to the data that is collected and processed in full autonomy by the operators of social network platforms or other external platforms. For more information on the logic and methods of processing data collected by social networks or external platforms, the user is invited to read the privacy notice provided by the entities providing the services in question. Specifically, on the Site there is interaction, via icons, with the external platform (link to the website) SALAPIA SALIS RESORT. Please see the privacy policy at the following link:

DATA STORAGE PERIOD The information collected through the cookies installed on the Site will be stored in compliance with that indicated in the table shown in this privacy policy.


The use of cookies is authorised by the user via the information banner published on the site. The data subject may refuse to authorise the use of cookies and deactivate them at any time. If the user wants to disable the installed cookies, they will have to modify their browser settings. It should be noted, however, that in this case, the Site or some of the functions on the Site may not work correctly. The procedure varies slightly depending on the type of browser used. To obtain detailed instructions, please click on one of the following links: Internet Explorer Firefox Chrome Safari Opera If you use a different browser from those mentioned, to get information on how to proceed you can consult the website or select the “Help” function on your browser. USER RIGHTS The data subject has the right to exercise the rights referred to in Articles 7 and 15-22 of European Regulation 679/2016. For any information concerning user rights required by law regarding the protection of personal data, please refer to the “Privacy Policy” which can be accessed at the following link:


The Data Controller reserves the right to modify or amend this privacy notice at any time, wherever it is published on the site, by virtue, among other things, of new sector regulations entering into force, the updating or provision of new services or technological innovations. Consequently, all users are invited to periodically consult this page.

Last update April 2021